Why Are Most Creative Artist Depressed?

Creativity is all about thinking, so it makes sense that all of that thinking leads to manic episodes of feeling hopeless and alone, or like a failure. Maybe you’ve felt those emotions before.

It turns out that depression doesn’t make you creative. The opposite is often the case: the creative person, is who spends his or her time ruminating on thoughts that is likely to suffer from major depression.

The link is an effect of the creative’s ability to think with more intent than other types of personalities.

We still haven’t answered why bouts of depression have made their way through evolution and into so many people’s lives.

From an evolutionary standpoint we could now say that depression is a psychological desire to be better, to be stronger, to reflect on where we’ve made mistakes, and to find ways to improve ourselves overall. Depression is more of an evolutionary way for us to tightly focus our attention on what needs changing in our lives.

Depression, while seemingly a hindrance to a healthy and happy life, is really a balancing act that helps us focus on the areas where we need to improve most.